Monday, August 17, 2009

H1N1: Mass/mask hysteria

Go to any airport in the country you will see masked mass.
As if we are living in a gas chamber.
Why? Swine flu?
How many are infected? Little over 1700...
Now don't ask me what is the population of the country!!!

But with 47,000 confirmed cases and nearly 500 deaths...and that too in s a country of 28 crores only there is absolutely no panic in the US.
But here in India with a population three times that of US, just about 1700 cases and 28 deaths has created a mass(and mask)hysteria !!!

It's not that we are more alert and concious about this outbreak than others, its only because we have more than 130 TV channels and
countless newspapers in all the 15 official languages !!!"

We love to forget the increasing figures of deaths due to diarrhea, dysentery, tuberculosis, road traffic accidents in the country.
Those are probably not fashionable enough today.

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  1. Dear Dr.Koushik Lahiri
    Had gone through your SKIN-TALK about H1N1.
    Your perception is absolutely correct.If I'm not wrong, you better know, in case of Typhoid or, other feversin remote areas mortality rate is more than H1N1 cases. If you analyze the news trend between August 10th. to 30th. you will findthere were no hype in any other field so that the news channels can nurture the same so as to earn their lively hood. In fact my perception
    is that barring few exceptions when all other attempts to get an employment is foiled then unemployed lad started searching a job in
    either audiovisual or, print media.If you search about theireducational background you will find your answer. I know some of those and their background before getting the media job ;sometimes I become astonished how this people passes their comments about persons who are far more superior in all respect to them and we people used to grab those comments in the morning with a sip of tea.
    Soumya Banerjee