Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jukti, Twak o Gappo

Jukti, twak o Gappo is actually a collection of articles written in 'Sustho', the immensely popular vernacular monthly health mag from Aajkaal.
This was my third book in Bengali on skin and its diseases, after Chena Twak, Ajana kotha(2002) and Twaker ami, Twaker tumi(2004).

It was published in Kolkata International Bookfair 2010by Aajkaal Publishers Pvt Ltd.

Foreword of this book was written by celebrated author Buddhadev Guha.

The book became an instant hit soon after it was released.

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  1. Celebrated Author Buddhadev Rajesh Koushik !

    any way Typography errors are welcome!

    How to get your books in English ? any translations ?
    I am writing two books in Gujarati
    likely to get published in Sept-2010